Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plants and Decor

From A:

Yesterday was the first hot day in Gainesville this year.  Inspired by the warmer weather, we cleared out the dead plants on our front porch and replaced them with new ones:

Left to right they are: Mexican Heather, Jade, Mini Tomato, and Boxwood Basil.  Keep your fingers crossed that I don't kill them off too fast!

We also got this awesome new lamp for our condo:

Just kidding!  That lamp was part of the staging decor at one of the homes we toured.  It was so incredibly ugly that we just HAD to take a picture.  We also saw a familiar face in one of the picture frames on a dresser in a home we toured:

Did you recognize her?  That's right, it's Nigella Lawson from the TV Food Network, host of "Nigella Feasts" and "Nigella Express."  I'm pretty sure she doesn't live in the home we toured, but I can't be sure.

Yesterday afternoon we finished the last half of the Parade of Homes.  There were a few disappointing homes with terrible layouts, but several were very nice.  Our favorite was a 2-story with just under 2000 square feet.  It had a great design for the living area on the first floor and had two good sized bedrooms on the second floor:

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  1. What's funny about the lamp picture, too, is it looks like some knocked that plant over next to it and left it there.