Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend!

From A:

J and I had surprisingly busy weekend, but a great one!  Here's what we did:

Saturday afternoon: Went to a pool party with a bunch of J's PhD program friends.  It was a farewell get-together for one of the guys in the program who will be working in Germany this summer.  It was a beautiful day to us since there was a good amount of cloud cover.  Others seeking tans were disappointed, but we pale, pasty people enjoyed the lack of sun.  Here's a photo of the guy leaving for Germany which made me laugh (Note: this photo includes much Photoshop work; as in, it's his head added to a photo from Jersey Shore):

Saturday evening: J's friend Jeff and his girlfriend Lisa were visiting from south Florida.  We had them over for dinner and made turkey burritos and nachos.  Here's photo evidence that J was eating chips prior to dinner:

We also pulled out the Rummikub game we got for Christmas and played a few rounds.  I'd love to say that I won a round, but I didn't.  Oh well, it was still a fun time getting together and catching up.

Sunday morning: Jeff and Lisa came over for breakfast.  J and Jeff had egg bagel sandwiches, while Lisa and I made waffles.  While the guys went to the gym to do strength training and play racquetball, Lisa and I watched home decorating shows that our men don't enjoy watching with us.

Sunday afternoon: J and I went to the Parade of Homes around the area.  We made it through half of the subdivisions today and plan to see the other half next weekend.  We saw some amazing homes, the most expensive being upwards of $850K:

We also saw a few homes that were really overpriced, some with super weird layouts, and a smaller one that we both agreed had a very smart, usable layout:

It was great seeing the homes we toured today and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest next weekend!

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