Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's for Dinner? Italian Edition

From A:

Inspired by the coupons I had to Publix last week, we had an Italian themed weekend of meals.  Our first meal was Italian sausage calzone pinwheels.  The pinwheel filling is basically a normal calzone filling, but the dough used for the recipe is crescent roll dough.  Instead of separating the crescent rolls into triangles to make the usual crescent shapes, two triangles are kept together to form a rectangle.  Then each rectangle is rolled around a mound of filling.  Each roll is then cut into four pieces and turned on their sides to bake.  They're served with pizza sauce for dipping:

J's calzone review was a 6/10 since he wasn't a fan of the sausage (it had a sweeter flavor than the usual sun-dried tomato variety we get).  However, we've made plans to recreate the recipe with turkey pepperoni in the near future.  He anticipates that recipe receiving an 8/10.

Our next Italian meal was three cheese tortellini, but it wasn't really photo worthy since I just popped it out of a package and into boiling water.

Tonight was pizza night!  We got turkey pepperoni, which was surprisingly good, grated a block of fresh mozzarella, and added a few unique touches to the pizza.  First was the "Italiano Classico" seasoning we added to the sauce (it was a gift from C&C in PA - thanks again!).  Next, we brushed the crust with olive oil and added garlic and Italian breadcrumbs to make it garlic bread-like. 

It turned out great!  J's comment was "very good," which is quite the compliment based upon his food review lingo.  On a numeric scale, it received a 9/10.

In other news, we had nice, relaxing Easter today, complete with beautiful weather!  I got an extra surprise when I was walking out by the lake and saw a wild rabbit.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Easter Bunny, and hope it wasn't eaten by the 3 foot alligator I saw on the other side of the lake, but it was neat to see today.

The rabbit I saw had similar coloring to the one in this photo*:

*Note: Photo not to scale.

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  1. Haha! That bunny picture is so funny! Glad you got some use out of the Italian spices. Both of the food pictures are getting me to think about lunch already... YUM!