Friday, April 23, 2010

Engineering Banquet

From A:

Last night was the Spring Banquet for J's engineering department.  After going through nearly every dress I own in pursuit of the perfect one, I finally decided to wear this:

Highlights of the banquet included:

1. The first ever poster session.  Each group in the department presented one of their ongoing projects during a pre-dinner poster session.

2. The guest speaker, a departmental graduate who now owns a very successful solar energy company in Silicon Valley, recounted some of the nice things his research adviser did for him while he was a PhD student.  This included loaning him money to pay for his wife's medical bills after the birth of their first child, helping him work on his car to install new brakes, and taking him boating for the first time.  It was a very touching speech.

3. NFL Draft updates about whether Tebow had been drafted yet.  As it turns out, he was drafted about an hour after the banquet ended.  And it was great to see.  Go Broncos!

4. The desserts!  The best desserts were definitely the mini strawberry shortcakes and the gator cookies:

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