Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beaster Bunny

From A:

Continuing with my giant rabbit theme from the last post, J found an article online about the world's biggest (longest) rabbit.  His name is Darius, he's 4ft 3in long, and his daily food intake consists of 12 carrots, 6 apples, and 2 cabbages.  Oh yeah, and he's still growing.  I just love the pictures from the article:

I think this rabbit might be able to take on one of the small alligators I've seen at the lake lately.


  1. Daniel showed me that picture yesterday. That is one big bunny! I have a question about your header photo: Is that a picture you took or did you find it online somewhere? If you took it, how did you get it to look so nice in the header. I'm trying to futz with mine, and I can't get it to be the right size and not fuzzy, etc.

  2. It's a stock photo I found online because I was having the same photo sizing problems for the header. I ended up just using one that would fit without having to make any changes to it.