Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Warm Weekend

From A:

The weather has finally warmed up and we had highs in the 70s this weekend!  J and I took advantage of the beautiful weather by playing some golf and going to the lake.

J is such an expert golfer that he had to make the game more challenging by adapting his 5 iron:


Truthfully, the head of his club flew off after he hit a shot.  We estimate that it traveled about 75 yards, but we weren't able to find it.  Coincidentally, we found the head of another 5 iron, but it was for a right-handed club (definitely not J's since he golfs left-handed).

Here I am showing off my golf skills.  There isn't much to show off because I'm a terrible golfer.  I have fun, but I'm pretty sure my swing doesn't look like it should:

That's the office/trailer of the driving range in the background.  This upscale facility is complete with an old car that has a target painted on the side.

We also went out to the lake so J could get in some fishing with the new fishing rod he got for Christmas.  It was a beautiful day at the lake:


Some guys further down the bridge from us caught a HUGE fish while we were there, so we definitely know that fish exist in the lake.  J decided to spare the lives of the fish during this trip, but they might not be so lucky next time!


  1. So jealous of your beautiful weather. Glad you got to get out and enjoy it.

  2. That weather looks wonderful! Anne -- Our golf skill levels are probably pretty similar. I'm very impressed that you're giving it a try.