Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football, Week 3

From J:

This week, we play Tennessee. Much has been made of Lane Kiffin's boneheaded comments in the media, but I chalk it up to 1) him being an idiot and 2) him trying to drum up some excitement for UT football. That was really his only option, since his record as a head coach (then) was 5-15 and it's tough to get people excited based on that statistic. He's done an excellent managing expectations headed into the game, though, as he can't do anything to lose at this point. UF is supposed to scrub the floor with UT so badly that anything short of a blowout will be a victory, and a blowout will just be meeting expectations. So, without further ado:

45-10 Gators. I also predict a Joe Haden interception AND a Will Hill interception.

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