Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baking Day

From A:

Today has become a baking sort of day. 

I made a blueberry crisp for work tomorrow to celebrate birthdays.  Three of my co-workers (my entire department has eight people) have January birthdays within two weeks of each other.  What are the odds of that?!  Here's what the crisp looks like after baking:

I also made a sausage and spinach strata that I'll bake later in the day for dinner.  I haven't made this before, but considering what the ingredients are, it's got to be good.  The recipe calls for sausage, spinach, cheese, eggs, bread, milk, and some spices.  Here's what it looks like prior to baking:

In weather news, it has been gorgeous lately (lows around 50, highs around 75)!  We went out to the lake yesterday to walk around (and for J to scope out the best fishing spots).  This is my kind of January weather!

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