Sunday, January 3, 2010

T Bow?

From A:

Despite the misleading title, this post is not actually about Tim Tebow (imagine that!). It is, however, about something that is turquoise and has a bow, so there's where the title came from.

Continuing in J's routine of donating blood every 8 weeks, he recently made another donation. Although his vein was originally missed by the phlebotomist (how she managed to miss his huge veins I'm not sure) she later redeemed herself by creating the cutest arm wrap I've seen.

I give you the masterpiece:

The wrap was originally just just turquoise, but I sarcastically commented about how J often gets pink wrap and really likes it, so she added some pink for him. I don't think J was thrilled about the addition, but I thought it was cute!

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