Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prediction Analysis

The Dancing with the Stars finale was last night. Now that the season is over, let's see how well I did with my predictions after the first show of the season...

The new season of Dancing with the Stars premiered last night, so it's time for my predictions. It seems like this season has a lot of really good dancers and a lot of really bad dancers. No heartbreak will occur for about the first five people kicked off (Gary Busey, Paula Deen, Chaka Khan, Victor Espinoza, and Kim Zolciak Biermann). After that, things will get real as the good dancers battle it out. 

Yep. Busey, Deen, Khan, Espinoza, and Biermann were all bad dancers - and were the first 5 to be eliminated (or to withdraw in the case of Biermann who would have been eliminated had she not withdrawn).

Here's what I predict:

  1. Chaka Khan danced to "I Feel For You" on the first show, so next week she'll dance to "I'm Every Woman." Then if she gets kicked off there's no loss since she already danced to her only two songs people would recognize. (side note: Chaka Khan's real name is Yvette Marie Stevens - doesn't exactly have the same ring to it) Chaka Khan isn't too good, but at least she's better than the trainwreck that was Lolo Jones. She didn't dance to "I'm Every Woman," but she sang it during the finale. Singing > Dancing for her anyway.
  2. Andy Grammer will dance to "Keep Your Head Up" this season since Derek & Nastia Liukin already used "Honey, I'm Good" for their Charleston last season (while Andy performed the song). Nope. He danced to "Good to Be Alive" instead.
  3. Anna has contracted multiple diseases from just having to touch Gary Busey. I hope she showers immediately after rehearsals and shows. Probably.
  4. Tamar is a good dancer, but she's way too outspoken. Her mouth will get her kicked off eventually when she says something that makes people stop voting for her. Sort of. The show had started to spin Tamar in a negative way, but then her illness took her out of the competition.
  5. Alek and Lindsay start dating. Just change Lindsay to Emma and this is correct. As it turns out, Lindsay got married earlier this year.
  6. Emma goes back to old partners next season after putting up with a 15-year-old this season. Emma sure seemed happy with Alek during the switch-up. Maybe the producers will take pity on her next season and give her someone her own age.
  7. Credit to J for this prediction: Bindi Irwin will dance with a snake at some point during the season (by the way, J only watches DWTS to see Emma, who he finds highly attractive). Surprisingly, Alexa danced with a snake for her Britney Spears dance, not Bindi.

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