Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Not to Build a Shower

As it turns out, a shower pan installed over a floor that isn't level eventually cracks. And tile installed over green board without a moisture barrier has the potential to cause big problems.

If you're lucky, your husband notices these issues before you have any water damage.

And if you're super lucky, your husband removes the cracked shower pan, demos the entire shower, and re-builds it correctly.

Thankfully, I'm in the super lucky category so this is what our shower looks after the old construction was removed and cement board (the actual type of board you're supposed to use in showers) has been added to two walls. The third wall is still open so J can do some plumbing work.

Although it's annoying to have our master bathroom out of commission for a while, I'm really excited to see the new shower come together! Here's our inspiration.

Just kidding.

It will really look like this.

Kidding again. That's Allie's dream shower.

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