Monday, February 17, 2014


I never thought I'd say this, but I envy the weather at the Winter Olympics - if only we could have such warm temperatures and such little snow here!

However, there's nothing like a long weekend with snow on the ground to help you get a lot done around the house.  Here's what we did this weekend:
  1. Finished our taxes.  Sadly, we are not getting a refund.
  2. Scanned and filed important documents that had piled up in our inbox.
  3. Blasted our arms at the gym.
  4. Groomed Allie in the garage - she looks so pretty now.
  5. Washed lots of laundry (and still working on it).
  6. Did some general vacuuming and cleaning.
  7. Put together a donation for charity be picked up on Wednesday.
  8. Watched some of the Sochi 2014 action with Allie.
"When do the dog sled races start?"
Thanks to TurboTax, doing our taxes wasn't too bad.  It helps that for the first time in several years we didn't buy a house, live in two states, earn money from more than one employer each, or pay college tuition and student loans.

TurboTax also added some humor to the process thanks to its online help forums.  Here's our favorite question and answer that was posted:

Q: I have a dog in my truck

My dog make sure no violators in truck. Since she has to be walk at least four plus times a day, she is my exercise coach, allow me not to gain weight. Can I claim her well being?

A: No, this is not allowed by the IRS.

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