Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Curse You, Ragweed

I've spent the past week suffering from ragweed allergies.  It's amazing how one dumb plant can cause so much misery.

curse you, ragweed!

My allergies really caught up to me on Saturday and I spent the day on the couch.  However, it was a good couch day because:

1. it rained all day
2. the Gators were playing (and won!) and
3. Allie spent the day with me

This pretty much sums up our couch day:

laying around

cuddling (I feel as bad as I look)

eating Reese's
However, in the midst of my suffering I was able to actually get something done and have a good experience.  I was privileged to meet singer/songwriter Jason Gray and be in charge of his green room prior to a local concert.  If you haven't heard him before, check this out:

Here's part of the green room that greeted him on his arrival, including some awesome cookies that I found at our local bakery.

He loved the cookies and even posted a photo of them to his Instagram page.  And the concert he gave was awesome - I'm so glad I was able to be there!


  1. I like that version of "Falling in Love." I've only ever heard the radio version. Sounds like a fun time (other than the ragweed -- I'm in the same boat, blah!)

  2. He gave an acoustic concert (it was just him - no other band members) which was really cool! He even stayed after the concert to meet and talk with everyone who attended - he's a really friendly guy.