Saturday, September 14, 2013


J thinks this is animal cruelty, but I think it's cute. 

Our Allie Gator will be an alligator for Halloween!

Here is the response J sent (from Allie) after the photos were taken:

Allie's Journal - Day 339: Today the tall ones - specifically the one I'm forced to refer to as "Mommy" - introduced a new form of mockery in yet another attempt to break my steely resolve. She intends to parade me around in a minstrel show they refer to as "Halloween." The purpose of this occasion I know not, but I can only assume that my new ceremonial garb is to distinguish me from other captives during their twisted festivities. Give me strength, journal...I feel I shall need it.

p.s. My only hope is to appeal to "Daddy." He has managed to dissuade Mommy from dressing me in such regalia fate is in his hands.

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  1. It kind of looks like she's dressed as a dog being eaten by an alligator...