Monday, August 12, 2013

Behind the Scenes

It's amazing the gems you can find while looking through your wedding photos 4+ years later.  Here are some behind the scenes wedding photos.

J seeing me for the first time.

The bouquet!

With my adorable niece.

Kiss from my niece.

A photo I didn't remember seeing before.

My wonderful bridesmaids cleaning off
my dress after the pre-ceremony photos.

The girls taking care of me again -
bustling my dress after the ceremony.

Waiting in the pouring rain after the ceremony.

My dad joking with us in the bride's room.

Talking after the ceremony.

The umbrella crew!

Kids' table at the reception.

Our first chance to sit and talk that day.

Laughing with the photographer.

Car decorating.

More car decorating.
So glad we have these wonderful photos and memories!

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