Sunday, November 8, 2009

El Presidente

From A:

On Friday, J and I were able to have lunch at the president's house. Not the president of the country, but the president of the University of Florida. And no, he didn't personally invite us to dine with him. Actually, contrary to the name, the president doesn't actually live at the president's house. Former presidents of the university have lived in the house, but the current president decided to reside elsewhere and allow the house to be used for university functions. Which is neat, because otherwise I doubt we would have ever seen the inside. Plus, it probably minimizes the number of times the house gets rolled (a police officer was stationed at the house during our event to make sure all the engineers didn't get out of hand and start devising clever ways to utilize pyrotechnics).

The reason for our visit was a luncheon for my engineering department's anniversary celebration. We ate at tables set up in the backyard of the house, but the first floor inside was open for everyone to get their curiosity fix. It's a very nice house, complete with a reading room and piano. Here is J in front of the piano:

Here I am in another part of the house. I'm not really sure what this room is intended to be since there is only a single table with a floral arrangement on it:And here I am at the huge table in the dining room. This must be where all the student government officers schmooze important people in an attempt to get more money to spend on fingerprint identification scanners for the campus gyms.
And for the most entertaining photo, there were a bunch of boxes of wine on the back patio of the house. This is especially comical due to the firm anti-alcohol policy the president implemented when he started at the university. But once again, we can probably blame student government for it:


  1. Woah! I'm majorly jealous. I think of all the times I ran by that place, and you guys got to go inside!!! Very cool.