Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Storm Watch

Well, here we are, waiting for what the weather forecasters are calling a "historic" storm.

We're currently in the 12"-24" snow accumulation zone. As of tonight's news broadcast, some areas are expected to get as much as 36". GACK! Start driving south!

This will definitely be the most snow I've ever seen at once. To make myself feel better, I've now made three trips to the grocery store this week getting more and more food in case we can't leave our house for a number of days. Let's be honest, I'll probably stop and get a few more things on my way home from work tomorrow, along with everyone else.

I've also been trying to cook some meals to have on hand in case our power goes out. I've made Indian dal soup, hatch chile pork taco filling, beef stew (pictured), and will probably make a meatloaf before the snow really starts to fall.

At least the temperatures aren't as cold as when we started the week. We had single digit wind chills - just ask Allie - the water on her beard froze when she went out first thing in the morning. Brrrr.

Send warm thoughts our way this weekend - we'll need it.

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