Monday, March 8, 2010

Clearwater Beach

From A:

The university is out on Spring Break this week.  We're not because we actually have jobs.

We were, however, able to get a taste of Spring Break at Clearwater Beach this weekend.  Sorry, no bikini or speedo pictures of our visit because it was cold and windy!  Here we are on the pier all bundled up:

Here is J with his Mom and Dad:

We saw this guy on the beach.  We initially thought he was a statue, but then realized it was an actual guy dressed up and standing extremely still (well, as still as he was able to stand with a 20 mph sea breeze).  I certainly respect him for honoring our military, but it's a pretty weird thing to do:

We also saw a guy dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, but he was too creepy for us to want to take a picture with him.  In case you're wondering, he basically looked like this:

 Our hotel balcony had a great view of the Gulf:

Our last morning on the beach ended up being warmer and less windy, so we went for a nice walk in the sand.  Overall, it was a relaxing weekend break from the daily grind!

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